Every Child Is An Artist

“Every child is an artist,” Pablo Picasso said and every proud grandparent or parent knows this to be true. Displayed on fridge doors or desktops for years, the art done by children or grandchildren brings delight and joy.  There is no way to jury or grade this spontaneous creativity. Our job as adults is simply to enjoy the freedom and excitement of the uninterrupted creative force. (Now hopefully the creative masterpiece that comes to mind is not one you had to paint over on the bathroom wall….)

If you have a piece that you would like to show to a wider audience, there is still time to enter it in to the ARTKIDS show planned for October in the Village Gallery. With the artist’s permission you can enter their work. Drop in to the Village Gallery and fill out an application form this week. 

Thanks to the Monashee Arts Council , the Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10 to 4; 1975 Vernon Street, Lumby.