Dentist’s New High-Tech ‘Relaxation Suite’ Provides Sessions for Cancer Patients

System helps patients fight mental and physical stresses

By Stanley Hurwitz  /

Vernon, British Columbia (Issued Summer 2020) – During Lise Kalinski’s father’s courageous battle with an inoperable brain tumor, the Vernon, British Columbia, dentist pledged to do more to help others fighting cancer.  She has unveiled a first-of-its-kind ‘Relaxation Suite,’ offering NuCalm/Bemer relaxation sessions to community members and their families fighting the mental and physical stresses of cancer at a reduced professional fee.

NuCalm is a cutting-edge stress-relief system that Dr. Kalinski uses daily herself to decompress, and in her practice, Aesthetic Dental Clinic  (, to help patients deal with dental anxiety. She has four units in her office operatories. In the new suite, patients will also benefit from a lounging chair and an essential oil diffuser. The unit was donated by Solace Lifesciences, maker of NuCalm (

Because of Dr. Kalinski’s extensive use of the award-winning, patented system, she attained accreditation as a Certified NuCalm Provider (CNP), one of only three in all of Canada. In the past decade, the system has proven its effectiveness as over 2,000 dentists have used it successfully with some 1.5 million patients on four continents. The four-part system involves a topical cream, micro-current stimulation, neuroacoustic software/music, and an eye mask. There are no side- or after-effects. 

Cancer depletes the body’s resources, resulting in mental and physical stressors. Dr. Kalinksi says, “When a person learns they have cancer, often they become stressed, fearful and confused. They can’t relax. The body’s resulting stress response allows the cancer to take over, even accelerate the depreciation. The field of psychoneuroimmunology is now looking at alternative ways to target cancer with a bigger focus on mental and emotional factors. NuCalm can help alleviate some of the psychological and physiological effects and improve one’s quality of life by putting the brakes on the stress response, giving the person peace of mind, clarity, balance and improved sleep quality.”

An internationally renowned expert on the connection between psychoneuroimmunology and cancer, Janet Hranicky, Ph.D., has added NuCalm to her arsenal to help patients cope with and fight cancer. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Hranicky, has taught thousands of cancer patients how to cope and trained thousands of healthcare professionals in innovative therapies. She says, “The more we can help people down-regulate stress physiology, the more we can help up-regulate the immune system and other healing mechanisms.”

Asked how her dental patients react to NuCalm, Dr. Kalinski says she asks each one if they would like to begin their appointment with a 20-minute free session.  About 50% say ‘yes.’  Perhaps most telling, 90% of prior users request it on successive visits.

Last year, upon learning of one patient’s health care job burnout and ensuing inability to function in normal daily activities (a form of PTSD), Dr. Kalinski arranged for her to receive – at no charge – her own NuCalm system.  Months later, that patient said it was surprising to learn more about coping with stress from her dentist than from other medical professionals.  Today the patient says, “Finally I was no longer totally shut down. I’m able to contribute to society – no longer locked in a ‘fight-flight-freeze’ cycle of paralysis.”

More recently, an elderly woman who was distraught and depressed, stressed due to health and family issues, became a new patient and agreed to try NuCalm. After a few sessions, the woman experienced better self-esteem, is more relaxed and living life again, Now the woman comes to the office, not for a dental appointment, but for a NuCalm session. “She fixes her hair, puts on lipstick – she’s a different person,” Dr. Kalinski smiles.

Word is spreading near and far. Dr. Kalinski says, thanks to a referral, a man drove from Vancouver for a NuCalm session – a six-hour drive — to address his stress and health issues.

In addition to treating cancer patients in the Relaxation Suite, to meet demand, Dr. Kalinski, for patients and non-patients, started a ‘Punch Pass’ program: One 30-minute session costs $55. A 10-visit pass costs $32.50 per visit.

Dr. Kalinski, mother of two grown sons, graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and is an alumna of the world-famous LVI Global where she first tried NuCalm and bought one on the spot. She is continually upgrading her knowledge to offer patients whole-body care solutions. She enjoys walks, yoga, gardening, painting, and spending time with family and friends. Husband Scott is an industrial mechanic working for the oil industry in Alberta.

For cancer patients wishing to schedule a reduced rate Relaxation Suite session, and for dental appointments or consultations at the Aesthetic Dental Clinic, 3401 – 32nd Ave., Vernon, BC , call  (250) 558-9889  or email  /   Hours:  Monday-Friday  9 am – 5 pm. For more about NuCalm, contact David Poole, Solace’s Chief Business Officer, /617-259-0877/  /  / 1-877-6NuCalm.

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