Crap Grass

What The Worst Part About Crabgrass?… It’s Not Lobster!

Although I know that Crap Grass is actually called Crab Grass I’m sticking to this name.  It is a more than annoying weed that first appears in your grassy areas, it has the ability to produce 150,000 seeds and that is from each plant and these seeds can remain viable for a long time. Not only does it produce this horrendous amount of seeds but it will also spread by its roots and therefor is a particularly formidable, invasive plant. There are about 33 varieties of Crap Grass and to top it all off and although it is nutritious for animals to consume it will attract pests that you do not need or want in your garden.  To eradicate Crap Grass one has to be on top of it early in the spring.  If you should have a Forsythia growing in your yard it is about the time of this plant flowering in spring (a temperature of about 55 degrees) that action should be taken with a pre-eminent herbicide and thankfully an organic and economical solution is available in the form of Corn Gluten Meal.  This will not only help resolve the Crap Grass problem but will also help fertilize the areas where you apply it and  also works on other grass invading weeds!  However, Crap Grass will have to be removed in some areas like garden beds by a thorough weeding and it is a plant that needs to be aggressively weeded as it has roots that seem to grow to the depths of hell.  In pots it will circulate around the pot to the point that repotting is the only option.  It is an opportunistic weed that flourishes in grassed areas that are not well maintained and will smother other good grasses leaving bare patches that are great for the germination of some of the seeds it will produce and it will grow with great pleasure.  Mowing will not prevent its spread and chemicals like weed and feed do nothing to halt its progress.  It loves the heat and flourishes in dry, poor soil and weekend lawns caused by dry hot summers like we are experiencing, its best season being mid summer as in July and August.

So for a post emergence attack one should be sure to fertilize and maintain the lawn, de-thatch, and aerate, give  your lawn  a good, deep watering weekly rather than less water offered more often.  I personally would like to pave my lawn or maybe an artificial turf painted green for the summer. LOL.  With its ability to spread so rapidly and easily, a concerted effort will be needed to maintain some control.  If it stayed in the lawn and stayed green which it doesn’t as it will be quick to die in off in fall leaving nasty bare patches, and if it didn’t spread to my garden I might not be so offended.  You can use solutions of salt and vinegar or baking soda but that will need to be applied very carefully as that will also kill other garden plants as well as any perennials and any good grasses that are around the area that you have applied it.   I have done some serious weeding taking as much of the root as possible and this does work well but with a plant producing so many seeds it will certainly be an ongoing event.

I have saved my rant for the end of this article and it is more of a realization of my inability to be of any help to the many people here and around the world facing fire, flood, war, earthquake and other events of such horror.  One area that is near and dear to my heart is the fate of animals both wild and especially domestic.  With so many people having to leave their homes with short notice I am dismayed that so many cats, dogs and other pets are in peril.  I so hope that the people who abandoned their dog (now known as Smokey) are located, charged and shamed for their horrendous act of abandonment in such an ugly and unnecessary manner.   So many have had to leave their precious pets that could not be located (or are being charged a daily rate at the hotels that they are being placed in) and now have to grieve this loss too.  There are two pet food banks in Vernon that are accepting all donations of cages, food and bedding.  If you have any of the items that can be donated to the cause please consider this as something that you can do that is powerful.  This coming weekend at the Lumby and District Public Market I will be selling my plants at their regular price of which half will be donated to these food banks.  If you need or want some additions to your perennial gardens or homes I will be bringing a good variety of plants sure to please as well as some beautiful house plants and a lot of very reasonable gift type plants.  I am sure to have some things of interest and would love to be able, with your grace, to donate some much needed funds to a worthy cause!

Happy Gardening

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