Congratulations to Lumby’s newest Centenarian!

On July 27, 1920 in Vernon Carl Ludwick was born to parents Jacob and Caroline Werner. The Werner’s moved to Cherryville in 1923 and began their love of this area. Dad was only 13 when he bought his first land on Hollingsworth Rd.     

In 1949 Carl married Noreen Spankie and together they had seven children,  five daughters and two sons.  He has  fourteen grandchildren,  15 great grandchildren  and recently a great great granddaughter,  making five generations. 

Dad farmed, logged,owned and operated a sawmill, had dairy cows shipping cream to Dutchman dairies,  trapped, hunted,and was a hunting guide. Dad loves God and is always happy to share his knowledge.  He loves nature and the outdoors.  He enjoys people, loves picking huckleberries,  music,  wrestling  and his family. 

Dad is most at ease in the hills sleeping under the stars or in an old trapping cabin. The Monashee mountains,  surrounding lakes, lands and trails are well known to Dad. Our children and grandchildren as well as many friends have benefited from his knowledge  and wisdom. He is notorious for his story telling and is often asked to relay his many adventures. With a twinkle in his eye he is always ready to oblige. 

Dad always had a love of music and can play almost any instrument,  but his main love would be his Gibson guitar. Dad is an excellent marksman and has always had a love of guns. His yearly  hunting trips were shared with family and friends and his two sons were taught at an early age to appreciate this as well. He worked on guns and made many beautiful gun stocks. Always willing to help, Dad would never say no to anyone in need.

We are very thankful for our Dad’s long and blessed life. Please join us in wishing him a very Happy 100th birthday.

We love you Dad (Pa)!

Submitted by the family,

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