Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

As happens every year, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) wants to hear from YOU!

The T-4 slips are coming in the mail. T-4’s will be issued to all persons who received “CERB”, “CESB”, “CRB”, “CRCB” or “CRSB” benefits in 2019. Seniors are receiving their Old Age Pension and Canada Pension slips; the banks are issuing their T-5’s for interest earned and RRSP/RRIF’s are being dealt with.

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program is up and running again this year.  Beth and Marilyn will be starting the program on Tuesday, March 2nd as follows:

All locations and times are at the OAP Hall (under the red roof) at 1765 Glencaird Street.

  • Beth:  Tuesday’s from 2:00 > 4:00 pm and Wednesday’s from 9:00 > 11:00 am
  • Marilyn: Thursday’s from 2:00 > 4:00 pm and Friday’s from 9:00 > 11:00 am

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Contact Whitevalley Community Resource Centre (250-547-8866) to book an appointment.

If you are a Senior, a Student, a Low-Income earner, a person with a disability, or know someone who is, the CVITP is a program where volunteers will complete and file your income tax return for FREE. You bring in your information, the volunteers complete and file the return and you come back and pick up the paperwork.   It’s that easy.

The deadline for filing is Friday, April 30, 2021.  After that date, there are late filing charges assessed and if there are monies owing, interest charges may be applied.  If you do not file your return, the GST and Child Tax Benefits (if applicable) may be interrupted/discontinued as well as other benefits you may have.

Mark your calendars and we will see you some time during March or April.