Cold Snap

Where Do Snowman Store Their Money?… In Snow Banks!

Every year we seem to get that one week of nasty cold weather and I guess this year will be no exception to the rule as you all have experienced this week. Not the worst we’ve ever received but bad enough. I’ve been talking to several members of my family who live in the Edmonton area and also in Regina and we really have it made. Edmonton’s temperature on Sunday morning was minus 41 and that was with no wind chill which is rare. The one good thing that I can think of with our modest (in comparison to other areas) cold weather is that we shouldn’t get any snow. The ground hog supposedly didn’t see its shadow, so that is good. I think that it is time for Lumby to get its own ground hog,I would be very happy to raise the little critter with a little direction. Obviously winter isn’t over yet. As you can well see by my remarks since the onset of winter I’m not the biggest fan of the season. I do keep a room with lights and plants which are blooming nicely (I hope to have some nice bouquets at the Monashee coop for Valentines Day) and I can work in my greenhouse planting but I still have to dress like the Michelin Tire Man to get there. The best thing I can say is that we have had a nice spatter of sunny days which we so badly need and so rarely get in the interior. All in all, we still for Canada the true north strong and free have it made in our area of British Columbia.

 I hope everyone is staying safe and well. This last leg of this pandemic will be more trying to our patience than ever, we have all had enough and are weary, lonely and want to feel safe. As the vaccine makes its way into our arms and into our lives we need to allow it time to arrive and time for it to become affective in our bodies. Have faith, be diligent and know you’ve made a difference. Not much else to talk about other than the plants I’ve started are sprouting and doing well. 

It is much too early to plant seeds for most of the vegetable plants we will want for our gardens however watch your household plants for signs of pests, I have found a small outbreak of aphids which I’m treating with soap and water. I have also found over the last few days several Lady Bugs, always a good sign but earlier than usual and (I wonder if it is because of the relative warmth of the or are they awakened by the presence of the aphids) for them to eat. (How crafty of them). They tend not to appreciate my moving them from where I find them to a plant that needs their attention but it may be just a miscommunication on my part and stubbornness on theirs. 

Many house plants can probably be transplanted if needed at this time but do not replant them in too much larger of containers than what they are presently in and be sure to use a good potting soil and not soil for starting your seeds as the consistency and nutrients will not be optimum.  

In about a week some seeds can be started like eggplant, tomato and peppers but there is still plenty of time and certain seeds like squashes. Cucumber are still way too early. I will provide a list for you to start and advise as to best method of getting thee best results without taking up a lot of space or growing beyond the limits of the seedling becoming a healthy, viable bedding plant.  

Wishing you all good health and happiness and of course Happy Gardening!

Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
250 547 6567 •

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