Cockatoos: A Popular Bird

There are 21 species of the Cockatoo and yes they are a part of the Parrot family, each of these species live in Australia, Indonesia, and around New Guinea.

All of them have a Crest that they can raise up and down. 

The one in the picture is called a Little Corella, also known as a Bare- Eye, Blood Stained,  and Blue -Eyed Cockatoo’s. This species of the Cockatoos is much smaller than other Cockatoos they are about 14 – 17 in. in length, and their wing length is about 11.5 – 13 in. they only weigh about 10.6 – 16 oz. with a shorter crest and bill. The crest is short and broad, between their eyes, and on the side of the bill, the base of the feathers to their head and nape is a beautiful pinky orange color. Around the ears along with the underside of the feathers are tinged with a light yellow. The bill is a grayish color and around the eyes are a bluish – grey with hints of pinky- orange circles. The feet are a grey color.

With this type of Cockatoo it is hard to tell the males from the females, the males are slightly larger, and with larger heads and beaks, but unless you have a pair it is hard to know which is male or female.

The Little Corella Cockatoo can be very playful, almost like a clown. They are very affectionate, but very demanding. 

They need to be out of their cage no matter how big the cage is, as long as you are home. Be careful though if you leave them out of the cage when you are not home, as even though they are playful and loving, they can also be very naughty as they have a destructive side to them as well. They eat seeds, nuts and fruit sometimes a little bit of yogurt as well. But be careful with giving them to much of the fatty foods like nuts to often, as it will make them overweight and unhappy.

Little Corella can live 50- 70 years

Cookie was a  male Cockatoo that apparently was hatched in  June 30 1933 and passed away August 27 2016 at the Brookfield 

Zoo near Chicago making him 83 years old, the longest recorded Cockatoo on record so far.

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