Christmas Pounds

A bit of a repeat from last year, but a good one to take note of. This year appears to allow for gatherings in some capacity, so for many, this mean Christmas parties and get togethers are back to somewhat normalcy. This means possibly more events taking place, with smaller numbers, which could equate to more alcohol and food being eaten, more often.  I like to repeat this reminder each year in how fast those pounds can come on over the Christmas season.

Did you know the average person will drink about 4000 calories through Christmas parties leading up to Christmas?     A typical Christmas season with drinks alone, could look something like this:  30 glasses of wine or 22 pints of beer and if you are drinking other drinks that involve eggnog or pop, be prepared to add in an extra 1000 calories or more.  Remember this is not including food!  To give you an idea how long that would take to burn off, it would be about 7-8 hours of jogging.  

It’s no wonder the average Canadian will gain around 1-5 pounds over the holiday season. On Christmas Day alone, a person could eat and drink about 6,000 calories! Almost 3x more than the daily average.  Just look what a typical Christmas day may look like and how fast it can add up:  

  • Breakfast 2 pancakes with butter, syrup and a couple of sausage links = 600 calories and a glass of OJ =110 calories.
  • A “few sips” of eggnog throughout the day = 395 calories
  • Skip lunch for early dinner, but nibble instead – a few Christmas cookies another glass of eggnog = 775 calories 
  • Afternoon snack handfuls of chips with dip, nuts and a beverage = 1300 calories.
  • Christmas dinner and all its fixings with a glass of wine=1730.
  • Dessert:  2 servings of sweets plus another small glass of eggnog = 1160 calories.
  • For a whopping total of 6070 calories!

Calories have been explained in previous corners but a quick recap is always good.  A quick way to think about them is that 3500 calories is the number that is stated, that will either make you gain or lose a pound.  So, by looking at the above and your normal eating habits, outside of the Christmas season, you can see how easy it is to gain a few pounds.  The biggest problem is, each year people tend to keep a few pounds on that they don’t lose.  As each year comes and goes a few more pounds accumulate and it becomes a bit of a vicious circle.  So, over the month of December, I will give hints and tips on how to keep yourself in check to maintain over the season.

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