Cellular Health and Longevity

When it comes to health and nutrition, many times we focus on visible, tangible results.  How much weight and how many inches or centimeters can we lose?  This is also could be more physical, as in how many reps can we bench or squat?

These visible milestones are great motivators and do contribute to our overall health. But these aren’t the end-all be-all indicators of health. 

What’s happening on the inside is the most important and can help maintain our youthfulness and longevity. Cellular health is the key.  If your cells feel good then you feel good!  It’s comes down to things we most likely already know, and should be doing, but maybe we just don’t.  Below are the 4 things we should be doing for our cellular health:

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

This can be a vague term, as most people think they know what constitutes a healthy diet. Fortunately, eating right for your cells is not that hard, we just need to do it.  Eating on the lines of a Mediterranean Diet primarily whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, while avoiding high-sodium foods, sugars (especially processed sugars), processed foods and red meat is the best way for our cells.

There are 2 reasons to why this is – free radicals and antioxidants. Free radicals are substances that can damage and deteriorate cells. And antioxidants are the substances that protect the body from free radicals.

So how does the Mediterranean Diet type of eating come in? By eating all the foods that are mostly “avoided” as previously mentioned, there are less free radicals introduced into the body.  But when this prevention isn’t optimal, then antioxidant support is the next big fighter for our cells as they counteract the free radicals.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants. By eating plenty of produce, you can help maintain optimal cellular health.

2. Exercise Regularly—But include Cardio for good health

Sometimes many avid body builder type gym-goers avoid cardio. But for cell health at least 30 minutes of cardio per day should be implemented.  Whether it’s endurance from cycling or jogging, brisk walking to more of a HIT type training, would all qualify.  If you can’t do daily not a worry, as even 3 days a week at 45 minutes will do the trick.

3. Don’t Underestimate Sleep

This is so crucial!  Many of us will sacrifice sleep at the expense of everything else. How much sleep is the “right” amount?  We are told 8 hours, which is a good guideline but can vary person to person.  7-9 hours is a bit more accurate to cover most people.  Basically, you should wake up feeling refreshed and not needing an alarm to get you out of bed.

If you consistently do not get the sleep you need, your cellular health will be directly impacted.  This appears to be more apparent in men than women for aging cells prematurely.  Doesn’t mean women are off the hook as there are other adverse effects. 


4. Practice Mindfulness

Being stressed out is frustrating, exhausting, and, well yes, bad for our cells.  But the effect of your mind on cellular health goes a step further. One study suggested that even a wandering mind towards negativity, anxiousness and defensiveness, had a negative effect on cells.  Ways to combat this were meditative practices, mindfulness, positive thoughts and activities. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/practical-mindfulness/201907/how-focusing-the-present-can-keep-your-cells-healthy

Take Charge of Your Longevity

A healthy body starts with healthy cells. Fortunately taking charge of your cellular health doesn’t have to be that hard.  Use the 4 steps above to keep your cells healthy and thriving.  Even just implementing one at a time until all are on board, is a great place to begin.

Please note there will be no “Mikkie’s Corner” for next 2 weeks.  Stay safe, eat well, exercise and get your sleep.

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