What Do You Get If You Cross A Dog With A Daisy?… A Colli-Flower!

For the second year now the Lumby & District Public Market has had to cancel the Butter Tart Festival, this is among the other big celebrations that we in Lumby hold dear. We have had to sacrifice all this due to COVID and the recent rise in COVID cases. Now with the fact that there is a serious variant spreading in our area and that so many still have not or will not get their vaccinations we all must bare the brunt. 

The people who will not or have not gotten this vaccination seem to forget the sacrifices, losses and fears that others have endured and selfishly risk everyone with more sacrifices, losses and fear. 

Many of these unvaccinated people would rather remain selfish or would sooner listen to absolute garbage gleaned from misinformation they have read on various social media outlets and are unwilling or too foolish to obtain real facts regarding this real threat and what we must do to protect our children, our elders and each other from a deadly and obviously capable of mutating plague. 

I will not become angry because this is pointless and self harming but I am very disappointed. The world is becoming an increasingly difficult place for a good, normal life and anger, fear and frustration will only become more evident as it escalates unless we all learn to play in this humble and fragile playground. Fortunately in Canada we have our say in our freely given vote and although it should have not been brought into play at this time, here we are. 

Perhaps its time to really upset the normal lay of our political land and elect something and someone new, perhaps someone more vital and in tune to the times we live in. The clock is ticking and we are all seeing the devastating changes happening around us and around the world. It is time to open our eyes, gather the facts, forgive our fears, our anxiety and release our anger by making a decision that will protect us all. Thank heavens for my garden as a source of some peace and distraction. 

As fall is upon us I am taking a look at what did well in my garden and what did not. My Eggplant is a joke and there are no heads on any of my Cauliflower. The Broccoli is doing alright and the Cucumber and Tomatoes as well although I find the Tomatoes are slow to ripen but they are plentiful. Cauliflower is a cool weather crop and is usually planted later in the year so as to escape the major heat and before any heavy frosts. With the extreme heat this summer it is unlikely to produce a head at all. It likes full sun and constant moisture in deeply loosened soil with a Ph of 6 or 7. It is actually a bi annual plant that we grow as an annual and once the single head is harvested it is the end of the plants life. It is quite a fussy plant that if given all the right conditions for proper growth and if it evades all the pests that can affect it such as Aphids, Cabbage Moth, Whiteflies, Slugs and Snails to mention a few and diseases such as Black Rot, Leaf Spot, Damping Off, Downy and Powdery Mildew, is a tasty vegetable indeed. Row covers can help with some of these problems and will also shade it from some of the heat unless you have a nice shady area in your garden. Cauliflower should not be planted near Corn, Peppers, Cucumber, Squash, Strawberries, Tomatoes or Broccoli. Although most Herbs, Onion Celery, Potatoes and Marigolds will do well together. As my garden has no shade and the only other crops I grow out there are not well suited to Cauliflower I will have to try growing is in containers as I do really like it, it is well suited to grow in a container and it is movable to areas of shade and can easily be tented to protect the plant from flying pests that are often the cause of diseases that they spread.

Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
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