Blue Moon Rising

How Does The Man On The Moon Get A Haircut?… Eclipse It!!!!!!!

The beginning of October was lovely and warm and gave us our first full moon of the month the second full moon, called a Blue Moon, will occur at the end of the month.  It is considered optimal to harvest during a full moon so this should be a good month to be harvesting should our weather remain as predicted and allow us this grace.  This is to be the last Blue Moon until 2032 according to reports so lets hope the weather permits us to view it and that Halloween the actual eve of this event can be celebrated even if it is a much quieter event.

We are fortunate to be enjoying an easier transition into fall than we had last year but, there is no point in putting off the inevitable.  Planting new bulbs, garlic, trees and perennial plants should be happening now.  The lifting of plants that cannot stay in for the winter like Gladiola, Dahlia etc can be lifted now although I find it hard to pull up plants that still have beautiful blooms and healthy looking greenery.  Greenhouse growth is slowing except for lettuce and spinach, most fruit has been harvested except for some grapes and apples.  Root vegetables like leeks, potatoes, carrots, etc are still doing well so I am focused on the plants that will come to more harm if a frost should hit like tomatoes, squash and cucumber.  Tomatoes will ripen nicely in the house in boxes with newspaper.  I give my tomatoes and squash  a quick wash in a sink of water with a little splash of bleach, this kills surface bacteria and prevents them from rotting but do an eye on them as they are ripening to prevent unpleasant surprises that may still happen.  I’m prioritizing my garden chores and keeping a close eye on the weather forecasts.  Plenty to do!

Last year about this time there was breaking news of our success on healing the hole in the ozone layer.  32 years previously this hole was detected and was growing significantly and was known to be caused by our use of Chlorine and Bromine, these are chemicals that were widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning, spray propellants and solvents.  Replacement substances were found for these ozone killing chemicals that made these valuable assets workable and the ozone layer has been found to be healing .  Last night a show on the effects of global warming was shown.  It was predicted that the greenhouse affect that we are enduring would cause rising oceans, more violent and more frequent storms and devastating fires that would consume incredible amounts of forest and many lives.  Scientists state that the massive reduction of carbon emissions is needed and needed now but the powers that be refuse to believe or really make an effort to change.  You would think that what was once the most powerful nation in the world would take a look at the devastating fires, floods and storms that plague  its nation and make some effort.  Mother Nature is pissed off and she will have her way as we have seen world wide.

The last Lumby and District Public Market is next weekend so please come down for a last visit and top up on any Thanks Giving goodies and trimmings.  Although it was a short season for the market it was wonderful to see old friends and meet some new!

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BS Ranch & Greenhouses
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