Author, Illustrator Create A Whimsical Journey

Coldstream artist Nancy Vince and Vernon poet Lauri Wiberg collaborate to release their first children’s book, A Whimsical Journey

Collective talent, and a chance encounter have led to two North Okanagan residents

releasing their first children’s book together, with another on the way.

Lauri Wiberg was first introduced to the artwork of Coldstream’s Nancy Vince while shopping at Olive Us in downtown Vernon. Drawn to Vince’s colourful, whimsical folk art displayed in the store, she later signed up for an art class that Vince taught at the Vernon Community Arts Centre.

The result has led to a lasting friendship and business partnership, with the release of the women’s first children’s book, A Whimsical Journey.

“One thing I have been asked so often over the years is, ‘Have you thought of creating a children’s book.’ My answer always was, ‘I love to draw, but writing does not come easy to me.’ That’s where Lauri came into the bigger picture,” says Vince.

Wiberg, who writes under the pen name, Laurel Ellen, recently released her first children’s book,

Hunter’s Super Night, illustrated by her granddaughter, Skye Laurice.

After reading the book, Vince approached Wiberg about writing stories for her illustrations, and the rest is history.

A Whimsical Journey features Vince’s artwork and Wiberg’s poetry. Filled with creative pictures, where children are asked questions to find objects found within, Wiberg’s words serve as literary lullabies.

“When we set out to create the book, we envisioned a page or two read to children before bedtime. Each poem is illustrated as a colourful drawing, full of playful peace,” explains Vince.

Vince and Wiberg are currently in the process of publishing “A Whimsical Journey – Book Two”. Encouraged by the success of Book One, and recalling the difficult decision of choosing which pictures to omit during the first go around, it seemed logical (and exciting) to publish another book. They will have it on the shelves for Christmas shoppers.

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