Artbeat – Arts & Culture from the Edge – Oct. 22, 2021
‘Color Splash’ by Kosis Linke

Now at the Village Gallery

The ability to create is a human necessity; it helps us define who we are as human beings. For children it is part of learning and exploring our own human curiosity. From the moment we pick up a crayon and put it to paper it becomes an exploration of the world we live in. For children it is a chance to explore, observe and imitate, trying to figure out how things operate and how to control themselves and their environments. This unrestricted exploration helps children form connections in their brain, it helps them learn—and it’s also fun.

Art allows youth to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life, but also for learning.

We hope that you will join the Monashee Arts Council in supporting the art among youth by visiting the Village Gallery for the 2nd Annual ArtKids!  1975 Vernon Street. (Highway 6) we will be open 10am-4pm, Monday to Saturday. 

The show will now run from Oct 12th – Nov 12th 

Silent Auction

The Monashee Arts Council will be hosting a Silent Auction at the Village Gallery in conjunction with the current ArtKids Youth show. Funds raised by this Silent Auction will go towards future youth art programs in 2022 to ensure future generations discover their passion for the creative process.

The Auction will run 10 am Oct 25th until 4pm November 13th at the Village Gallery 1975 Vernon Street. (Highway 6)

Thank you for supporting the Arts!

Call for Holiday Artists and Crafters

Once again from November 15th to December 24th the Monashee Arts Council will be hosting a Christmas market at the Village Gallery to bring together artisans and shoppers for this Christmas season in a way that still respects current health regulations while promoting the enjoyment of the local seasonal shopping experience. 

Deadline for applications will be Nov 13th, we ask that artists provide 3-4 pieces as well as a, photo, Bio with a description of work and business cards.

Please pick up your MAC membership and application forms at the Village Gallery, 1975 Vernon Street. (Highway 6). You can also request these documents by email:

2nd hand Art Supplies Sale

The second hand art supply sale will be happening October 30th all day (10 to 4) in front of the Village Gallery 

1975 Vernon Street. If you have any supplies (or art) that you want to pass on please let us know (we can pick things up ) or bring it down on Friday the 29th or Saturday the 30th.

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