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Your Community Newspaper

Lumby, Lavington, Whitevale, Coldstream, Vernon & Cherryville

Your Community Newspaper

Lumby, Lavington, Whitevale, Coldstream, Vernon & Cherryville

Artbeat – Arts & Culture from the Edge – May 10, 2024

Happening Now! –  Community Art Class Program – Year End Show

May 6– 31, 2024

It has been a great art-filled season with the Art Class Program running its second year.

This show features the works of local residents who participated in program during the fall/winter. There are works from Drawing, Acrylic painting, Needle felting, Miniature model Book Nooks, Oil painting, Bookbinding, Watercolour Painting, and Polymer Clay. 

Local arts volunteer Jeannette Wilding organized the program with the help of a Community Arts grant from the Monashee Arts Council. The vision was to create a program that would engage local artists in sharing and teaching their skills to the community, and to promote the advancement of the arts. The program has helped to build a sense of community and support during the winter months, and provided an affordable and supportive space for people to develop their creativity.

Call For Artists – ‘Found! Upcycled Art’

“The act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new function. In doing so, the finished product often becomes more practical, valuable and beautiful than it previously was.”

People have been upcycling for years. The easiest example is turning old clothing into quilts, aprons, reusable bags, or what’s popular now, upcycled clothes. Who hasn’t turned a cardboard box into a treasure chest, or a tiny doll house, or a fort?

Anything and everything can be upcycled. Broken dishes could become jewelry, mosaics for tabletops or plant pots. Plastic bags could become woven baskets, mats, or reusable shopping bags. Plastic bottles to vases, birdfeeders, etc.

Just keep in mind the difference between Recycling and Upcycling. Recycling is the destruction of a waste product in order to create something new ie. pop cans get melted and formed into aluminum products. Upcycling takes a waste product and creates something new with the original form retained and a new purpose created.

So let’s get creative, use our imaginations, upcycle something you found into something new and beautiful.

All media will be accepted. Please bring your creations into the Monashee Arts Council Village Gallery on or before June 8th , and fill out an application form.

Show runs from June 10 to July 5, 2024

Are you ready for Lumby Days!?

It’s that time of year again, spring has sprung, everything is green – and the annual Monashee

Arts Council Photo Contest is just around the corner. This year, anything goes; the contest is

open, with a Rock and Roll Challenge category in keeping with the 2024 Lumby Days theme.

In addition to prizes for the judge’s favorite open-category photos, there will be prizes for the

best Rock and Roll themed photos. There will be an opportunity for the public to vote for their

favorite photo again this year, with a prize for People’s Choice.

Keep an eye on social media for updates about prizes. Entry forms can be picked up at the

Village Gallery, and at

Lumby Days – I Hear Music Art Show Call for Artists

Everyday we make our way through life guided by our 5 senses, sight, taste, smell, touch and of course hearing. The way these senses can interact with each other and how we as individuals express them are as unique as we ourselves are.

Synesthesia is the phenomenon that causes sensory crossover such as tasting colors or feeling sounds, experience colors when listening to music. Many Artists and Musicians have been known to experience their work this way, how about you?

How does music and sound influence your art? Is it drawing while classical music plays softly in the background? Or painting while listening to the bands during Lumby live at the park? Or is your music listening to the natural music of the songbirds and the forests.

Share with us your works of art that have been influenced by music this Rock and Rollin’ Lumby Days from June 14-16. There is a $5 entry fee per entry, entry fee’s go towards the peoples choice!

All entries must be ready to hang with picture wire on the back, if you need help with this, please contact the Village Gallery and we would be happy to show you how.

Applications are available at the Village Gallery 1975 Vernon st and online at

Entries can be dropped off at the Whitevalley community centre hall on June 14 between 10 am and Noon.