An Urgent Call For Change!

Submitted by Nina Westaway, Lumby attendee and photographer

From MLA Eric Foster’s office through downtown Vernon, a contingent of marchers for Forest March 2020 made a colorful plea for preserving the last of old-growth forests in B.C. 

Lumby environmental activist Huguette Allen and researcher for SENS (Sustainable Environment Network Society) spoke about the need for a new approach to environmental protection.  She pointed that some climate change can more accurately be attributed to the abuse of forests where logging practices destroy creeks and rivers and wildlife habitat.  Eli Pivnick from Climate Action Now! reinforced how poor environmental protection was affecting flora and fauna.  Some 2400 species in B.C. are at risk of extinction, lacking enforcement by provincial Endangered Species legislation. 

Similar demonstrations and marches were made in many parts of B.C. The demands were to end control of industrial logging by corporations, empower indigenous and local communities to control forestry practices, use the best methods to regenerate forests and protect life, and rewrite legislation. The day of action was preceded by an online Forest Summit (BC Forests: The People’s Convergence) Sept. 1-15, 2020 that pointed the way to further networking and organizing. For further information