Always Ask These Things Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent

To find the right realtor, you need to look into your options. Before you make a decision, interview a few different agents and be sure to ask the following questions. 

How many homes did you sell last year?

While they may simply lack experience, realtors with few sales should be avoided. Otherwise, you may run the risk of your property staying on the market for a long time. If they work for a brokerage, make sure they report their own sales and not those of the entire company.  

How long does it typically take you to sell a home?

Perhaps more important than how many homes a realtor sells is how long it takes to sell them. Check with the agent for an average so you can get an idea of how fast your house will likely sell. 

How will you market my home?

Good realtors know that marketing is key. Your agent should have a solid strategy in place to sell your home, one that takes into account the local market conditions and any trends in your area. If their plan seems too generic or unclear, you may want to look elsewhere.

How easily will I be able to reach you?

You’ll undoubtedly have questions about how the sale is going, and it’s reasonable to expect your realtor to provide you with answers. In addition to what they tell you about staying
in touch, verify whether or not they have an administrative assistant. If they have someone helping them manage their priorities, it’s likely they can focus more on your needs.

Lastly, make sure to investigate the realtor’s credentials. Always look up the agent you’re thinking about hiring and get at least three recent references from them.