Here it comes, that sound you will be hearing for the next little while. It can be the sound of allergies, or the sound of a cold.

Sneezing, carry Kleenex, or sneeze into your sleeve. Got a cold coming on. I personally like to use Echinacea, also known as Coneflower. The flower picture you see above is Echinacea. I am not the only one that likes this pretty flower that is in the Daisy Family. The Bees, Hummingbirds, and Butterflies love it. I like planted flowers that they are attracted to, as it helps my flowers look even more beautiful. This flower can grow up to about 20″ tall. 

Echinacea, is not only a beautiful flower, but also classified as an Herb for the healing properties. People have been using this flower since the 17th century. Throughout history this plant has been used to treat flues, colds, snakebites, toothaches, sore throats, coughs, and some infections. If you have an allergy to Daises, or wildflowers, don’t use Echinacea as you might have a reaction to it. Sometimes using to high of a dose can also cause some nausea, or you could feel dizzy. Everything in moderation of course.

In the 1930’s this well-known flower became lost because of the introduction of antibiotics.

In the 1950’s a pharmaceutical company called Sandoz did research on this plant, the findings were that this flower could work as an antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial,  as the roots of Echinacea have milk antibiotics which can work against certain diseases.  Usually it is the root of the flower not the flower itself that is used. If you have a symptom that you want to get rid of use it a about 3 times a day.

 Don’t not overuse this great herb, use it only for eight -ten days.

You can take it internally or as a salve.

So, I am heading off to the store now to get my fresh supply of Echinacea, just in case.

Remember if you want your garden to look very pretty and attract the pollinators next year, plant this great looking flower and enjoy it!