A Touch Of Color In The Garden

Welcome to Colleen’s Corner. This is a column meant for fun and some information About myself: I am Colleen Fielding, a Freelance Photographer you often see me on the side of the road  or in various places taking photos of different things animals, birds, places, people etc.  l have lived in Lumby just over 8 years, you have seen my photos in the newspaper (Lumby Valley Times) and once in awhile in the Vernon Morning Star, and the Lumby Art Gallery. Photography is my passion. Disclaimer:  The information on some of my photos that I write about a lot of times come from the Internet or books I research them, hopefully the facts are as close to the truth as I can come.

 A very beautiful flower that blooms in the Spring. The Bleeding Heart is a wonderful  perennial that will be a great addition to your shade garden. They look so dainty, as they grow in a line on their vine, but yet majestic at the same time. When the frost comes, the Bleeding Heart’s foliage will die, but their roots will usually survive the winter and pop up again the following Spring.

You do not need to prune this plant every year, but deadheading  (pinching off the flowers that have died) the spent flowers is a good thing to do. If the entire stem of flowers have died, cut it off with your pruning shears a few inches above ground, but wait until the stem isn’t green anymore, make sure it is getting yellow.

Bleeding Hearts come in bright pink and white, or a solid white. They like to have moist organic soil, so lots of water. They like part shade to full shade, add some compost into their soil in the fall or spring before planting this pretty little flower. Although in some zones this plant will grow in the sun.

When the Spring arrives, and the snow is gone I go into my yard and t one of the first things I look for is my Bleeding Hearts. But to my great dismay this year, for some reason they did not come back, so the picture you see is  from last year. I don’t know why they didn’t grow this year. They come back healthy every year, but this year there was no growth there at all. I really missed seeing their beautiful color, popping up in my shaded garden. This year has been very trying on all my flowers, the leaves have gotten burnt from this heat wave, and some of them have already died off.

But I will keep watering the plants, and hopefully they will be fine, with any luck my Bleeding Hearts just went into a dormant stage this year, and will pop with color again next year.