A Guide To Virtual Tours

The need to implement social distancing measures has driven many businesses to find new ways to serve their clients. Realtors are no different. Here’s what you should know about virtual property tours. 

Different types of tours

The term “virtual tour” can refer to either a tour of a property done via video chat or one conducted using 3D-modelling soft­ware. In a best case scenario, these two techniques will be used in tandem to provide homebuyers with the most complete experience possible. 

Tips for buyers

Virtual tours are more flexible than in-person visits, especially because they’re easier to plan and less intrusive for homeowners. The most important thing to remember is that, in some ways, virtual tours offer more than traditional visits. Make the most of them by trying out various layouts and colour schemes.  

Tips for sellers

Sellers should get their property mapped out in 3D if possible. The popularity of virtual tours is sure to keep climbing, even after the pandemic. 

Video chat visits are fairly similar to in-person ones, with the important caveat that any staging will need to take the technology into account. Kick up the lighting a notch and make an extra effort to declutter. Image quality can vary bet­ween visits, and any busy or messy areas will look worse on camera. 

In addition to virtual tours, some realtors are offering virtual closing as well, adding another level of safety and convenience.

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