A Fun Trivia Quiz

  1. How do crickets hear?
    a) Through their wings
    b) Through their belly
    c) Through their knees
  2. In “Ben Hur”, which modern thing can be seen during the chariot scene?
    a) A waitress
    b) A car
    c) A postbox
  3. What was Karl Marx’s favorite color?
    a) Brown
    b) Blue
    c) Red
  4. What’s the best way to stop crying while peeling onions?
    a) Suck lemons
    b) Eat cheese
    c) Chew gum
  5. How old was the youngest Pope?
    a) 11
    b) 17
    c) 26
  6. Which animal sleeps for only five minutes a day?
    a) A koala
    b) A giraffe
    c) A beaver
  7. The bikini was originally called the what?
    a) Range
    b) Line
    c) Atom
  8. Which European city is home to the Fairy Investigation Society?
    a) Poznan
    b) Dublin
    c) Bratislava
  9. Which one of these planets rotates clockwise?
    a) Venus
    b) Uranus
    c) Pluto
  10. What perspires half a pint of fluid a day?
    a) Your scalp
    b) Your feet
    c) Your armpits
  11. St. Stephen is the patron saint of who?
    a) Plumbers
    b) Roofer
    c) Bricklayers
  12. Which country leads the world in cork production?
    a) Greece
    b) Spain
    c) Australia
  13. On average, what do you do 15 times a day?
    a) Laugh
    b) Burp
    c) Lick you lips
  14. What color was Coca-Cola originally?
    a) Red
    b) Purple
    c) Green
  15. Bubble gum contains what?
    a) Plastic 
    b) Rubber
    c) Pepper

Answers: 1. C,  2. B,  3. C,  4. C,  5. A,  6. B,  7. C,  8. B,  9. A,  10. B,  11. C,  12. B,  13. A,  14. C,  15. B.

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