A Brief Introduction To Canning

Do you have more produce on hand than you know what to do with? If so, canning is a great way to make sure your food keeps all winter long. 

Preparing food for canning

Here are some ways of preparing produce before it goes bad. 


Turn your fruit into jam, make tomato sauce or blanch your vegetables before canning them. 


Vinegar helps produce become acidic enough to be canned in a water bath. Try cucumbers, carrots, green beans or even peaches in a brine of vinegar and water.

Methods of canning

Home canning involves using sealed glass jars to conserve your food. There are a couple of ways to do this. 

Water bath canning.

This method uses boiling water to heat jars and seal them. Only foods with high acidity like berries, pickles and tomatoes can be safely canned this way.

Pressure canning.

This technique involves using high temperatures to can meat and vegetables that aren’t acidic enough to be safely water canned. You’ll need a pressure canner, which is similar to a pressure cooker.

No matter what canning method you use, make sure to sterilize your jars and always use rings that are free of rust and lids that are brand new.