6 Things To Fix Before Selling Your Home

If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, make sure to fix these six things first. This way you’ll avoid possibly undoing a sale following a home inspection. 

  1. Foundation issues. Problems with the foundation can undermine a potential sale. Look for cracks in the walls or ceiling as they can indicate that the foundation has shifted. Get problems repaired as soon as possible.
  2. Water damage. Any sign of water damage, no matter how benign the cause, is likely to alarm potential buyers. Make sure all stains
    are re­mo­ved or pain­ted over once the issue has been resolved. 
  3. Wiring problems. Home inspectors can easily spot electrical work that isn’t up to code, so you’ll want to make sure everything is in order. Other­wise, you may be asked to pay for repairs. 
  4. An old roof. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, consider replacing it. Many potential buyers will look elsewhere if the roof needs to be updated.
  5. Inefficient heating and cooling. If you have an older heating and cooling system, particularly one that has an oil tank, consider updating it. Many buyers prefer to bid on homes with an energy-efficient system.
  6. Plumbing issues. Since even minor plumbing concerns can become big problems, many buyers are unwilling to deal with homes that have them. Get your plumbing inspected — it might save you a lot of trouble.

Bad home inspection surprises can ruin a sale, so be sure to make all essential repairs beforehand.

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