4 Ways To Ease Back-To-School Jitters

If you have children who are starting school soon, they’re probably a bit nervous. Here are four tips to ease their worries.

1. Address their concerns

Don’t shy away from the subject. Tell children what to expect and be sure to highlight the positives of going to school, such as making new friends. Above all, encourage them to come to you with any questions. 

2. Make sure they’re prepared

The school will send you a list of supplies your child is going to need throughout the year. Avoid waiting until the last minute to purchase items. Even if you don’t think your child will use them right away, it’ll be easier if they have everything they need ahead of time.

3. Project calm and confidence

On the first day of school, it’s imperative to not let your nervousness show. If you’re worried, your child will likely pick up on it and start worrying too. Smile and try to remain upbeat.

4. Don’t be overprotective

Remember that your children will have to socialize with their classmates by themselves, so make sure you don’t hover. That said, don’t just leave as soon as their back is turned. Notify your children before you leave, but avoid drawing out the goodbyes. 

When your kids get home from school, make sure to have a snack prepared and be ready to discuss their first day.