4 Apps That Will Make School Easier For Your Child

School is almost back in session. If you’re worried that your children won’t be able to keep up with their schoolwork, here are four apps that can help get them into the swing of things.

1. Khan Academy Kids

This app has fun characters and engaging books, videos and games that teach reading, writing, math and problem solving skills.  

Available for Android and iOS devices. Free.

2. Pili Pop

Your children can have fun learning French or Spanish using this engaging app. Kids will learn their second or third language alongside the Pilis, curious aliens visiting Earth.

Available for Android and iOS devices. Free trial.

3. Math Heroes vs. Dragons

Your kids can capture dragons by solving math problems involving addition, multiplication, division and fractions.

Available for iOS devices. Purchase required.

4. Quizlet

This flashcard app can help kids study almost any subject. Students can create their own flashcards or use ones generated by others. 

Available for Android and iOS devices. Free, with in-app purchases.

With these apps, your kids are sure to be ready for the school year ahead.

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