3 Great Reasons To Plant A Hedge

Planting a hedge is a traditional but attractive way to delineate your property. How­ever, doing so also has a number of other benefits. Here are three great reasons to plant a hedge. 

To maintain privacy

A hedge will provide a natural barrier around your property that blocks the view of your yard. Cedar and other types of shrubs are also effective at muffling sounds. 

To block the wind

In addition to diverting strong gusts, a hedge will soften the breeze in your yard and help create a comfortable microclimate. Shrubs like elderberry, lilac and dogwood are good windbreakers.   

To deter pests

A hedge made of thorny plants like barberry or holly will help keep unwanted animals off your property. Additionally, these shrubs can be planted to protect a vegetable garden.

Before you plant a hedge, be sure to consider the required maintenance. Most types need to be pruned and shaped at least once a year.

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