​Beautiful, Bright, But Shy

Every year I get a wonderful surprise from a very bright bird. This bird is  not very easy to see even with his bright colors. I usually hear him first, as he has a very unique sound. When I hear him I try to look towards his wonderful sound. I see him a lot of times at my hummingbird feeder, he tends to go more to the one that is more hidden, rarely have I seen him at the more open feeders.  He doesn’t stay here for very long I might see him for a week or two.I see him up on top of the highest tree in my yard ( this is probably about 60 or so feet.)

He is a very shy bird as the slightest movement  and he is gone. 

This charming little bird is called a Bullock Oriole. He likes to eat fruit and nectar he really likes oranges. He will also eat the insects in the leaves and trunks of the trees. Caterpillars are a great treat for them there are times when they will beat the caterpillar on a trunk of tree to skin it. If eating a Honey Bee the Bullocks Oriole will remove the stinger first. You can also find them picking bugs from spider webs, and also from the air. They will also eat Crickets, Stinkbugs, Grasshoppers, small spiders, and once in awhile they will even eat a small lizard.

Bullocks Orioles can be very acrobatic hanging upside down from the leaves.

When finding a mate the male will bow and jump from branch to branch bowing every now and then to the female all the while singing very loudly, the female may quiver her wings.

They will stay together during this mating season, but after this season, they may find another mate for the following seasons.

The female will find the nesting site about 10 – 25 feet above ground, usually near water. 

Clutch size: about 3- 7 eggs.

The length size is about: 0.81 – 1″

The width is about: 0.60 -7″

The egg colors are: pale blue, or a grayish white with purplish brown splotches

When hatched the little ones are: Very helpless, and they have long white down which is very sparse.

You can attract the Bullocks Oriole to to yard by mixing 1/4 cup grape jelly & water make it into a syrupy mixture. You can also give them  orange halves in a shallow pan of water to keep the ants away.  Replace the fruit on a daily basis.Or just give them sugar water like you would for the Hummingbirds.

When the Bullocks Orioles start to nest switch from the sweet stuff to meal worms.

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